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Revolutionizing EV Batteries: Ferroglobe and Coreshell Join Forces to Harness the Power of Silicon

In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) industry, Coreshell, a US-based battery technology company, and Ferroglobe PLC (NASDAQ: GSM), a leading producer of silicon metal and ferroalloys, have inked a memorandum of understanding. This partnership aims to produce the first battery-ready metallurgical silicon, paving the way for low-cost, high-range EV batteries in compliance with the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act.

The Drive for Change: EV Battery Challenges

Electric vehicles face considerable cost challenges, with batteries accounting for 30-40% of the total cost. Car manufacturers are keen on incorporating silicon in batteries due to its ability to store up to 10 times more energy in the anodes than graphite. This innovation could potentially lead to a 30% increase in driving range, addressing a critical limitation in the EV market.

Coreshell's Technological Breakthrough

Coreshell brings its proprietary battery technology to the table, featuring a unique nanomaterial electrode coating. This solution effectively mitigates the degradation of micrometric silicon, preventing rapid loss of life while still facilitating the passage of lithium ions. This breakthrough technology promises longer-lasting batteries, addressing a key concern in the EV industry.

Ferroglobe's Contribution: A Pioneering Metallurgical Purification Process

Ferroglobe contributes its proprietary metallurgical purification process, capable of producing up to 99.995% pure silicon in a cost-effective manner without the use of any chemical reagents. This method is crucial for producing affordable silicon active material, enabling the development of lithium-ion batteries with metallurgical silicon dominant anodes that meet stringent product lifetime requirements.

Unlocking the Power of Silicon: A Game-Changing Alliance

Benoist Ollivier, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of Ferroglobe, emphasizes the significance of this alliance, stating, "We believe battery-grade, micrometric silicon is the fastest path to decarbonizing the mobility industry." Coreshell's CEO, Jonathan Tan, adds, "With Ferroglobe's silicon and Coreshell's technology, we have unlocked that power. We are simplifying silicon and stripping out the costs so we can deliver the lowest cost, long-range EV batteries in existence."

Looking Ahead: Driving the Transition to Clean Energy

The partnership between Ferroglobe and Coreshell holds the promise of accelerating the transition to clean energy in the automotive industry. Silicon's unique properties, combined with innovative technologies, open avenues for the production of affordable, high-performance batteries, potentially reshaping the future of electric mobility.

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