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Mercedes-Benz Introduces Mercedes‑Benz Direct Chat with OpenAI's ChatGPT Technology

Mercedes-Benz is set to launch an internal web application, known as Mercedes‑Benz Direct Chat, for its workforce. The application is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT technology through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, this text generator can swiftly provide precise and contextually relevant responses. The user-friendly Mercedes‑Benz Direct Chat has various applications, from assisting with email and report creation to summarizing lengthy texts. Initially, it will be available in English and German.

AI-based applications hold the promise of streamlining administrative processes and tasks, thus saving valuable time. Mercedes‑Benz anticipates significant efficiency gains from integrating this innovative technology into daily operations, ultimately leading to better customer solutions.

Jan Brecht, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Mercedes‑Benz Group AG, emphasized the importance of empowering employees to work with this groundbreaking technology. The introduction of Mercedes‑Benz Direct Chat marks a significant milestone in the company's digital transformation journey, paving the way for a more efficient future.

To ensure responsible usage, terms of use have been established, emphasizing the need for the generated output to be verified for accuracy and appropriately labeled if not thoroughly reviewed by the user.

In support of this initiative, Mercedes‑Benz is offering employees a range of training programs to familiarize them with the capabilities and potential risks of generative AI in a secure environment. The company is investing heavily in the qualification of its workforce, particularly in the fields of digitalization and AI, as part of its Turn2Learn qualification initiative.

Data protection is a key priority for Mercedes‑Benz, and stringent guidelines are in place to ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations. The company guarantees that employees' inputs are processed anonymously, with no data being stored on servers or utilized for AI training.

The integration of Azure OpenAI Service aligns with Mercedes‑Benz's commitment to responsible AI usage, with a focus on principles such as "responsible use," "explainability," "protection of privacy," and "security and reliability." This approach underscores the company's dedication to utilizing AI in an ethical and secure manner. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, a solicitation, or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. The information provided in this article should not be considered as a recommendation to engage in any particular investment or investment strategy. Investors should conduct their own analysis and consult with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

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