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Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex Achieves Record Monthly Production and Advances Phase 3 Expansion

**Disclaimer: The following blog post contains information about Ivanhoe Mines and its operations at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex. Please note that the information provided is based on the company's announcement as of June 5, 2023. Any future developments or changes may not be reflected in this post. Readers are advised to refer to the latest official statements and reports from Ivanhoe Mines for the most up-to-date information.**


Ivanhoe Mines, a Canadian mining company, recently announced significant milestones achieved at its Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With impressive production records and progress on the Phase 3 expansion, the company is making remarkable strides in the copper mining industry.

Monthly Copper Production Reaches New Heights:

In May 2023, the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex achieved a monthly production record of 35,856 tonnes of copper in concentrate. This accomplishment is a testament to the efficiency and productivity of the operation, showcasing its ability to consistently meet and exceed targets. Comparatively, the previous month's production was 34,826 tonnes, resulting in a quarter-to-date production of 70,682 tonnes.

Record-Breaking Ore Milling:

Another remarkable achievement at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex was the new daily milling record set by the Phase 1 and 2 concentrators. They processed 29,366 tonnes of ore in a single day, equivalent to an annual milling rate of approximately 9.8 million tonnes. This achievement surpasses the increased milling capacity of 9.2 million tonnes per annum achieved through the debottlenecking program completed in February 2023.

Consistently High Copper Recoveries:

The Phase 1 and 2 concentrators at Kamoa-Kakula continue to deliver exceptional results, with average copper recoveries for the month reaching 87%. These recovery rates exceed the nameplate recovery rates specified for the concentrators, further highlighting the effectiveness of the operation's processes.

Phase 3 Expansion and Smelter Progress:

Ivanhoe Mines is diligently advancing the Phase 3 expansion of the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex, which includes the construction of the largest copper smelter in Africa. The smelter, designed to produce 500,000 tonnes of 99+%-pure copper anodes annually, is on schedule for first production in the fourth quarter of 2024. Concrete foundations for the ball mills, flotation cells, and concentrator tailings thickener have been laid, and the steel erection for the smelter is approximately 50% complete. The construction activities demonstrate the company's commitment to expanding its operations and increasing its production capacity.

Accommodation and Local Employment:

In line with Ivanhoe Mines' focus on local participation, the company is constructing new on-site accommodation to accommodate its workforce. With approximately 14,000 employees and contractors at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex, the majority of the workforce consists of Congolese nationals, comprising approximately 97% of the total workforce. This commitment to local employment is vital for economic development and community empowerment.


Ivanhoe Mines' Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex has achieved significant milestones, including record monthly copper production, record-breaking ore milling rates, and consistently high copper recoveries. The ongoing Phase 3 expansion and smelter construction highlight the company's dedication to further enhancing its operations and increasing its production capacity. With its commitment to local employment and sustainable mining practices, Ivanhoe Mines is making a positive impact on the mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on Ivanhoe Mines' announcement as of June 5, 202

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