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Jacobs to Lead Engineering Design Services for UKAEA's Fusion Energy Research

Jacobs (NYSE: J) has been selected by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) to participate in its multi-supplier Engineering Design Services (EDS) framework, an initiative valued at up to $11.25 million (£9 million). This four-year framework aims to enhance the U.K.'s industrial supply chain capabilities by facilitating close collaboration between selected companies and UKAEA in their fusion energy research endeavors.


Jacobs has been appointed to all capability areas of the EDS framework, marking a significant expansion of its role. Andy White, Jacobs' Vice President, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, "The EDS framework supports UKAEA with the delivery of strategically important tasks alongside routine support. It allows us to work collaboratively with UKAEA and its supply chain to find solutions to some of their most complex engineering problems."


The EDS framework encompasses a wide range of services, including mechanical, process, electrical, control and instrumentation, and systems engineering. It also includes computer-based modeling and simulations, along with specialized nuclear services ranging from laboratory research to decommissioning and waste management.


UKAEA manages the U.K. fusion program at the Culham Campus, a leading fusion research laboratory. The program's flagship project, the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP), aims to construct a prototype power plant by 2040. This plant is intended to demonstrate the feasibility of generating net electricity from fusion, the same reaction that powers the sun and stars, representing a significant step towards a new source of safe, clean, and virtually limitless energy.


Jacobs' involvement in this groundbreaking work is not limited to the UKAEA. The company also supports ITER, the world's largest fusion energy project based in Saint-Paul-lès-Durance, France. With over 350 employees dedicated to fusion projects worldwide, Jacobs offers technological and engineering innovation and support, creating opportunities for professionals in research, project management, and various engineering disciplines.


Colette Broadwith, UKAEA's Strategic Procurement Business Partner, noted the framework's effectiveness: "This framework has enabled UKAEA to work collaboratively and with maximum efficiency with the fusion supply chain. By renewing it for another four years, UKAEA can continue to leverage the engineering and technical expertise of our industrial partners to help accelerate fusion energy's commercialization, for the benefit of all."


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