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Ivanhoe Mines Signs MOU to Export Concentrate via Lobito Atlantic Rail Corridor

Ivanhoe Mines, a prominent player in the mining industry, has taken a significant step towards expanding its copper export capabilities. The company's subsidiary, Kamoa Copper S.A., has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Lobito Atlantic International SARL (LAI), a consortium responsible for the transportation of copper concentrate from Kamoa-Kakula's copper complex to the Lobito port in Angola.

The Lobito Atlantic Railway Corridor, connecting the DRC Copperbelt to the Lobito port, spans 1,739 kilometers and is pivotal for streamlining the transportation of minerals. The consortium behind this initiative, comprised of Trafigura Pte Ltd, Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construcao Africa SA, and Vecturis SA, secured a 30-year concession for railway services in Angola in July 2022. A substantial investment of $455 million in Angola and potentially $100 million in the DRC will bolster rail infrastructure and capacity along the Lobito Corridor.

Notably, the Lobito Corridor's strategic positioning offers a shorter and more direct route for exporting and importing minerals, which will not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to reducing logistics costs. This development aligns with Ivanhoe Mines' commitment to eco-conscious practices, as rail transportation is anticipated to generate lower carbon emissions compared to traditional trucking methods.

Ivanhoe Mines' Executive Co-Chairman, Robert Friedland, emphasized the Lobito Corridor's role as a crucial trade route, particularly in the context of the global push for sustainable supply chains. The corridor's potential impact extends beyond economic gains, as it holds the promise of accelerating social and industrial development in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries.

An initial trial shipment of up to 10,000 tonnes of copper concentrate is slated for the fourth quarter of 2023, offering valuable insights into factors such as transit times, operating costs, and environmental impact. With this move, Ivanhoe Mines positions itself as a key player contributing to the transformation of the mining and transportation landscape in sub-Saharan Africa. Investment Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Investing in mining and commodities involves inherent risks, including market volatility and potential loss of capital. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. Ivanhoe Mines' business activities and prospects may be subject to a variety of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. The future performance of investments cannot be guaranteed. The authors and publisher of this article are not responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided herein.

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