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Green Plains Begins Commissioning Innovative Demonstration Facility for Sustainable Biofuels and Protein Production

Green Plains Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRE) has announced the commencement of commissioning activities at its demonstration facility in York, Nebraska. This facility integrates Fluid Quip Technologies’ precision separation and processing technology (MSC™) with Shell Fiber Conversion Technology (SFCT) to revolutionize grain processing and biofuels production.

The collaboration between Green Plains, Fluid Quip Technologies, and Shell aims to showcase the potential of combining fermentation, mechanical separation, and fiber conversion technology on a single platform. The facility will demonstrate the liberation of renewable corn oil from the fiber fraction of corn kernels, production of cellulosic sugars for low-carbon fuels, and the creation of Ultra-High Protein feed ingredients for global animal nutrition markets.

Todd Becker, President and CEO of Green Plains, expressed confidence in the partnership's ability to transform agricultural processing and biofuels production. He emphasized the significance of maximizing low-carbon feedstocks for fuels and high-value animal nutrition markets.

Sinead Lynch, Senior Vice President of Low Carbon Fuels at Shell, praised the innovative collaboration and highlighted the potential of the SFCT + MSC process to deliver sustainable products. She credited the joint project team's dedication for achieving this milestone.

Product and market development for the Ultra-High Protein feed ingredients is already underway, with active involvement from potential customers. Pending positive final investment decisions, Green Plains and Shell will explore opportunities for full commercial deployment of the technology platform.

Green Plains will lead the marketing and distribution of protein products through its animal nutrition platform, while Shell will manage energy-based low-carbon feedstocks and products for various uses within its global platform.

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