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GoldMining Inc.: Strategic Vision and Expanding Horizons

GoldMining Inc. (GLDG:NYSEAmerican) is carving out a significant niche in the gold mining sector by leveraging strategic acquisitions and resource development. Recently, Alastair Still, CEO of GoldMining Inc., shared insights about the company’s operations and future plans in an interview with Rick Rule from Rule Investment Media. Notably, GoldMining Inc. will also be participating in the Rule Symposium on the second day of the conference, on July 8. We will be there to take presence at this event and bring you the latest updates firsthand.

Alastair Still: A Seasoned Leader in Gold Mining

Alastair Still brings a wealth of experience to GoldMining Inc., having worked for major industry players like Kinross Gold, Placer Dome, and Goldcorp. His extensive background is instrumental in steering the company's strategic direction, particularly in acquiring undervalued assets and unlocking their long-term value.

GoldMining Inc.'s Strategic Approach

GoldMining Inc. is renowned for its strategic approach to acquiring undervalued assets during market downturns. This strategy involves holding onto these assets until market conditions improve, thereby creating substantial long-term value. The company’s portfolio includes gold, copper, and uranium resources, providing significant diversification.

Key Projects and Spin-Offs

Whistler Project in Alaska

One of the standout projects in GoldMining Inc.'s portfolio is the Whistler Project in Alaska. This gold-copper asset has been spun off into a separate entity, U.S. GoldMining Inc., which is listed on NASDAQ. GoldMining Inc. retains an 80% ownership in this project, allowing it to benefit from its development without direct funding.

San George Project in Brazil

Located in Pará State, Brazil, the San George Project is another high-grade open-pit resource under GoldMining Inc.'s umbrella. The project has recently initiated a drilling program and benefits from existing infrastructure, including a paved road and an industrial power line. This infrastructure is expected to significantly enhance the project's development potential.

Rea Uranium Project in Alberta, Canada

The Rea Uranium Project, acquired in 2013, is one of the largest uranium properties in the Athabasca Basin. This region is renowned for its rich uranium deposits. GoldMining Inc. is currently advancing plans to monetize this asset, highlighting the company's diversified approach to resource development.

Financial and Resource Portfolio

GoldMining Inc. boasts a substantial portfolio of resources, with 12.5 million ounces of measured and indicated gold equivalent and an additional 9.7 million ounces of inferred gold equivalent. Approximately 18% of these resources come from copper, adding valuable diversification. The company also holds significant financial assets, including equities in other mining ventures. For instance, GoldMining Inc. owns 21.5 million shares in Gold Royalty Corp, valued at around $1.70 per share, and nearly 10 million shares in U.S. GoldMining Inc., which have appreciated significantly since their acquisition.

Strategic Partnerships and Experienced Leadership

GoldMining Inc.'s strategic spin-offs and partnerships enhance its operational efficiency and strategic direction. The company collaborates with industry leaders such as Amir Adnani, co-chairman, and David Garofalo, former CEO of Goldcorp. These partnerships bring a wealth of expertise to the company. Additionally, the recent addition of Tim Smith, a former North American Director for Newmont, as VP of Exploration underscores GoldMining Inc.'s commitment to advancing its portfolio with experienced guidance.

Looking Ahead

GoldMining Inc. continues to differentiate itself through its strategic vision, diversified resource portfolio, and experienced leadership. Investors can expect a steady flow of updates and news as the company advances its key projects and continues to explore new opportunities in the gold and copper markets.

For a deeper understanding, you can watch the full interview with Alastair Still hosted by Rick Rule below:

For more detailed information, visit the GoldMining Inc. website and view the latest Investor Presentation.


From an investor’s perspective, GoldMining Inc. presents a compelling case with its strategic acquisitions, diversified resource portfolio, and strong leadership team. The company's approach to acquiring undervalued assets and spinning off projects into separate entities positions it for sustainable growth and value creation. With significant financial assets and strategic partnerships, GoldMining Inc. is well-positioned to capitalize on future market opportunities. Investors should keep a close eye on this company as it continues to advance its key projects and deliver on its strategic vision.

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