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Blackstone Explores Lucrative Real Estate Opportunities in Europe Amidst Global Economic Shifts

In an exclusive interview at the UK's Global Investment Summit in London, Steve Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of Blackstone Inc., revealed the private equity giant's keen interest in seizing strategic investment opportunities in European real estate. Schwarzman highlighted the firm's focus on diverse sectors, including data centers, warehouses, and student housing. Leveraging its position as one of the world's largest holders of uninvested capital, Blackstone aims to capitalize on emerging prospects in the European market.

Despite a relatively subdued business environment over the past year, Schwarzman expressed optimism about the resumption of deal activities, emphasizing that the industry is gradually emerging from a period of dormancy. Notably, Blackstone recently joined forces with investors, including Permira, in a significant acquisition, purchasing Adevinta ASA for approximately €14 billion ($15 billion), positioning it as one of the notable buyouts of the year in the European online classifieds sector.

The Global Investment Summit, attended by influential figures such as JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Jamie Dimon, is marked by the UK government's commitment to unveil £29.5 billion ($37.2 billion) in new investments. It's worth noting that a portion of this investment had been previously announced. The summit takes place against the backdrop of the UK's efforts to stimulate investment in its sluggish economy, with businesses expressing concerns about a perceived lack of support and the government's cancellation of a segment of a long-planned high-speed rail link.

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