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Ares Management Corporation to Acquire Crescent Point Capital

Title: Ares Management Corporation to Acquire Crescent Point Capital: Strengthening Ares' Asia-Pacific Footprint


Ares Management Corporation (NYSE: ARES) has recently announced its definitive agreement to acquire Crescent Point Capital (CPC), a renowned Asia-focused private equity firm. This strategic move aims to enhance Ares' investment capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region and capitalize on the growing opportunities in dedicated private equity strategies.

The Acquisition:

CPC, founded in 2003, boasts an impressive track record of investing in industry-leading consumer companies across Southeast Asia and China. With approximately $3.8 billion of assets under management, CPC's experienced team of 50 professionals has established a strong reputation for delivering attractive results throughout market cycles.

Ares Asia, the Asia Pacific arm of Ares, already operates with a strong presence across various asset classes. By integrating CPC's complementary investment expertise and local market relationships, Ares aims to further strengthen its position as a leading alternative investment manager in the region.

Benefits and Synergies:

The acquisition brings numerous advantages to both Ares and CPC. As part of Ares, CPC can leverage Ares' global platform and network, gaining access to enhanced market intelligence, transaction opportunities, and expanded investor relationships. Additionally, the transaction is expected to provide CPC with greater growth opportunities through increased access to capital.

Statements from Ares Management Corporation:

Michael Arougheti, CEO and President of Ares, expressed pride in the established Asia-Pacific presence and sees CPC as an excellent platform to further enhance Ares' footprint and capabilities in the region. Edwin Wong, Head of Ares Asia, highlighted the collaborative culture and shared values between Ares and CPC, emphasizing the anticipated synergies and market impact.


The acquisition of Crescent Point Capital by Ares Management Corporation marks a significant step in expanding Ares' investment capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region. The strategic partnership aims to benefit both firms, fostering growth, and delivering attractive investment returns for their investors. With the transaction expected to close in the third quarter of 2023, Ares is well-positioned to capitalize on the strong growth prospects in the Asia-Pacific private equity market.

Investment Disclaimer:

This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Investing in private equity involves risks, including the potential loss of capital. Before making any investment decisions, it is recommended to consult with a qualified financial advisor. The author, do not endorse or recommend any specific investment products or strategies. The information provided in this blog post is based on publicly available sources and should not be considered as a guarantee of future investment performance.

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