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Apollo Enters Exclusive Discussions to Provide €1.5 Billion Capital Solution to Air France-KLM's Fly

Title: Apollo Enters Exclusive Discussions to Provide €1.5 Billion Capital Solution to Air France-KLM's Flying Blue Loyalty Program


Apollo Global Management, Inc. (NYSE: APO) has announced its entry into exclusive discussions to offer a €1.5 billion financing solution for Air France-KLM's Flying Blue Loyalty program in collaboration with commercial partners. This bespoke transaction is part of Apollo's commitment to high-grade partnerships, aiming to provide one of the world's leading airlines with a custom capital solution to strengthen its balance sheet and support its renowned Loyalty program.

Empowering Air France-KLM:

The exclusive discussions with Air France-KLM signify Apollo's dedication to establishing long-term partnerships with globally recognized entities. The proposed transaction demonstrates Apollo's capacity to tailor creative and scalable capital solutions to meet the unique needs of the airline.

Building on Previous Success:

The discussions follow two successful investments previously arranged by Apollo for Air France-KLM entities within the past year. This reinforces Apollo's role as a responsive and reliable financing partner for some of the world's leading companies.

About Apollo:

Apollo Global Management is a high-growth, global alternative asset manager specializing in providing excess return across various investment strategies, from investment grade to private equity. With a fully integrated platform and expertise in asset management, Apollo serves the financial return needs of its clients and offers innovative capital solutions for business growth. Additionally, through its retirement services business, Athene, Apollo helps clients achieve financial security with a range of retirement savings products.


Apollo's exclusive discussions with Air France-KLM highlight its commitment to fostering strong partnerships and delivering custom capital solutions to empower leading companies. The potential financing opportunity demonstrates Apollo's dedication to expanding opportunities and achieving positive outcomes for its clients, invested businesses, employees, and impacted communities.

Investment Disclaimer:

This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Investing in financial transactions carries inherent risks, including potential financial losses. Before making any investment decisions, it is recommended to consult with a qualified financial advisor. The author do not endorse or recommend any specific investment products or strategies. The information provided in this blog post is based on publicly available sources and should not be considered as a guarantee of future investment performance.

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